Day Hike & Yoga
MAY 28, 9:30 pm - MAY 29, 12:30 am EDT

Are you ready to get outside for some healthy movement and outdoor activities/exploration?

Nature is all around, but you rarely take time to enjoy it. You get so entrapped in your daily patterns and obligations that you often forget to pause and breathe. Maybe your body is stressed and tense, underused and undernourished. You would love some meaningful connection with other heart-centered, like-minded individuals but perhaps never have the time to find your tribe.

I see you. And I'm calling you in.

I understand the challenge to make time for yourself; to give yourself the time and nourishment you deserve and need. I, too get wrapped up in the never-ending to-do lists and responsibilities that seem to rob us of the vitality I deserve.

I want you to not only know that you deserve a break, but that it's beneficial to take one. Carve out some time and commit to filling your own cup with as much devotion and commitment as you do for others. Show up for yourself and feel alive again. In doing so, you will re-energize your mind, body, and spirit; and infuse your life with vitality and joy.

Join me for this beautiful hike & yoga to revitalize your energy, connect with others and yourself, explore, and enjoy. We'll take our time to hike up to the top of Stone Mountain, then enjoy some gentle movement and meditation at the top.

Please bring your mat (or large towel to use as a mat), snacks, water, and anything else you may need for hiking and yoga (potentially a headlamp if evening time). Please note that there is a $20 parking fee (or annual parking pass) to enter the park.

Stone Mountain Park
1000 Robert E Lee Boulevard, Stone Mountain, GA

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